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Metal and rock sound engineering

Working out of Norway but also available remote

Hi world!

My name is Martin Storm-Olsen and I run Sounds of O Studio.

I’m someone who’s been around music and sound engineering for many years. I have a good bit of experience and even a sound engineering degree. However, I started offering my services fairly recent. While being an outsider and offer-wise a newbie, I am an experienced recording-engineer, mixer and producer, which I would love to have the chance to demonstrate for you if you are in the market for my services.

I’m genuinely interested in music. My sound engineering strengths are in rock and metal. I like it when I can get something to sound unique and not like everyone else, while still keeping a good production-level. Ideas, preferences and concepts are great guidelines that I am happy to approach.

I’d love to review your raw-material and give advice or show you what I could do if you hired me to do a mix for you. A sample mix of a song, or portion of a song would be free of charge if my approach isn’t for you.

Physically I’m in Norway, but I am happy to do remote work and we can also find time for a video chat to hash out what you have in mind in regards to mixing or any of my other services.

If any of this sounds interesting, please don’t hesitate to reach out, either via my email address at the bottom of the page or via my contact form below and we can start discussing how I can help your music production along.

…oh, and a question to you, if you don’t mind. When you’re looking for the sort of services I provide. What do you want to see/what do you expect to hear from me to help convince you that I am the right choice for you?


What I offer you

This is where I take your raw recording-files and transform them into a high quality mix that suits your material.

Everyone chooses their engineer for different reasons. You go with me if you like what you hear in my reference mixes, and would like to work with someone that not only gets the job done, but listens to you in the process.

I can help with correcting timing issues across multitracks and have had good success with methods that make the edits undetectable in the final result.

I would prefer to do mixing in combination with mixing, which is what I consider to be my main service, but use the contact form and tell me about your project regardless of this and we’ll talk.

Other audio services
Mixing, editing and general engineering are my main services, but I am also available for the following, should the need arise:
– Reamping
– Recording musician (guitar / bass)
– Producer
– Mastering

My various album credits

Bass, vocals, keys, recorded, produced mixed
Guitars, clean vocals, recorded, produced mixed
Sound engineering (pre-mix work, editing, etc)
Guitarist on “Deficiency”, “Phantasmagoric Realms” and “Aeons Absorbed”
Bass guitarist, recording engineer, producer
Guitarist, clean vocals, producer and recording engineer
Co-composer, bass, banjo, accoustic guitars, singing, recording- and mix engineer “B-side songs”
Co-composer, bass, banjo, accoustic guitars, singing, recording engineer
Recording engineer + accoustic guitar on “Suffer in Silence”
Co-composer, bass, banjo, accoustic guitars, singing, recording engineer
Co-composer, playing bass, banjo, accoustic guitars, singing, co-sound engineering and mixing + CD design/layout
Co composer, bass, banjo, accoustic guitars, singing, co-sound engineering and mix
Composer, guitarist, vocalist, producer, recording engineer and cover designer
Mix together with Sarkom
Mix together with Pantheon I
Songwriting, bass, banjo, accoustic guitars, singing, co-sound engineering and mix
Mix credits together with Sarkom
Composer, bassist , banjo, accoustic guitars, singing, co-sound engineering and mix
I have been credited in a variety of ways over the years

Martin Storm-Olsen @ Sounds of O Studio / Martin Storm-Olsen / PsychoTroll (part of Trollfests listed acrivities)

Contact me

...and let me know about your project

For the time being I offer a free test mix of one song for those who are interested in working with me.

Cool deal, right? So why not take the leap and use the contact form below.

I would love to hear from you.


Frogner (Viken), Norway

Privacy policy
By contacting me, you accept that I keep and store enough data about you to be able to reach you back 🙂
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